Last time we just touched on a small issue, as a precursor to the important one.

Consider an application that populates an STGMEDIUM structure as follows:

  • Sets tymed to TYMED_ISTREAM
  • Sets pstm to a pointer to an IStream object
  • Sets pUnkForRelease as a pointer to the IUnknown interface of the same IStream object
  • This IStream object has a reference count of 1.

What's wrong? Let's read the documentation for ReleaseStgMedium:

When the original provider of the medium is responsible for freeing the medium, the provider calls ReleaseStgMedium, specifying the medium and the appropriate IUnknown pointer as the punkForRelease structure member. Depending on the type of storage medium being freed, one of the following actions is taken, followed by a call to the IUnknown::Release method on the specified IUnknown pointer.


ReleaseStgMedium Action

Calls IStream::Release.

(My emphasis, irrelevant parts of table omitted)

In other words, calling ReleaseStgMedium on that STGMEDIUM structure will end up in the IStream object being released twice, and unsurprisingly things like to blow up the second time.

Sad thing is it didn't really take much time to look up the problem - all of 30 seconds once I found out that freeing TYMED_ISTREAM STGMEDIUMs was the issue. You'd better allocate more time for "convincing person X that the problem exists".