Twice a year, I receive an email from HM Revenue & Customs stating the following:

You’ve got a new message from HMRC

Dear Customer

You have a new message from HMRC about Self Assessment.

To view it, sign in to your HMRC online account.

For security reasons, we have not included a link with this email.

Why you got this email

You chose to get paperless notifications instead of letters by post.

This means we send you an email to let you know you have a new message in your account.

From HMRC Self Assessment

Once logged into my online tax account, the new message waiting for me will be:

You have a new tax statement

This message was sent to you on <date>

Your new Self Assessment statement has been prepared. You'll be able to view it online within 4 working days.

Your statement will tell you if you owe any payments to HM Revenue and Customs, or if you're due a refund.

• Check if your statement is ready to view [a link to the statement history page]

As the message suggests, there’ll be no new statement available to view yet. I have to remember to log back in in a few days’ time to see the statement.

Please, HMRC, send me the email once the statement is actually ready.