Recently, I printed this colour chart using X-Rite’s i1Profiler calibration software:

An A4 colour chart printed by i1Profiler with incorrectly scaled text
You can easily use a lot of paper and ink printing these

I was creating some calibrated ICC profiles for my printer for the first time using an X-Rite i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer. But something looked odd with the chart: the text was overlapping things it shouldn’t be. It looked suspiciously like a display scaling (DPI) problem that was managing to affect something destined for the printer.

I decided to change the high-DPI compatibility settings for the program and override the scaling mode to ‘System (Enhanced)’:

The Windows high-DPI compatibility settings dialogue box for i1Profiler.
Surprisingly, an obscure dialogue box in Windows has a cut-off sentence

With that done, a reprinted chart looked much better:

The bug exists in the current version of i1Profiler, 3.6.0
An A4 colour chart printed by i1Profiler with correctly sized text

Alas, this instead caused scaling problems in the application itself. Oh well, one can’t win them all.