1. Surely a (laptop) recovery DVD that depends on the original storage drive partition layout to be (loosely) intact is a complete fail? I'm looking at you, Acer.

  2. Some people might call that a memory leak, Notepad++. I'll try version 5.7: let's hope it's better even if it doesn't make any specific promises about this.

  3. The hot fix for the Windows 7 erroneous file is corrupt nonsense was finally released a few weeks ago.

  4. Some questions on notification icons (tested on Windows 7):

    • When pressing Enter on a focused notification icon, why are two NIN_KEYSELECT notifications sent to the associated application? (i.e. when using Windows 2000 or newer behaviour), Space was OK, as I remember.
    • In the main notification icon area, why are WM_XBUTTONDOWN/WM_XBUTTONUP notifications sent when the 'X' buttons are pressed over another icon?

  5. Why do PC modern games still have problems with freely rotating mouse wheels (with non-120-multiple wheel rotation values)? I'm looking at you, Dragon Age. Even worse is to not bother fixing it.