Recently, my credit card was used fraudulently online. It seems to be part of a recent spate of fraudulent transactions relating to people who have shopped at a particular online retailer at some point.

The fraudulent transaction itself went through a third party processor, but there was a merchant name alongside it in my credit card statement.

A quick Google search shows only one website of significance going by that name. It is a website selling some kind of web hosting related software. A quick glance at the website reveals nothing too untoward. However, a bit of further digging and some oddities crop up - such as the 'Buy Now' link just takes you back to the homepage. There are a few other inconsistencies as well.

At this point I was suspicious, and thought that perhaps this website was just set up in order to get an account from the payment processor. Presumably, he would use this account himself to process fraudulent transactions. (I do not profess to know how likely this theory could be.)

I looked up the domain name's whois details, which again threw up some items of interest. In particular, a web search of the name of the person the domain was registered to indicated that he has apparently been involved in some eBay fraud too, and threw up his bank details.

It was at this point, I felt like I had too much information (again). What do I do with all this information? Is there actually someone that would care about it? I may never know.......