I quite liked my N85. Then I read about how various recent Nokia phones made before Feb 2009 had a problem with a faulty earpiece part. Naturally, that followed with my earpiece breaking: it would cut out and in if you tapped the area around it.

So I thought I'd try and get it fixed. My first thought was to take it to one of the Nokia Care points which mainly seem to be Carphone Warehouses and also some random dealers. I tried to call the local Carphone Warehouses on the list a few times. However their repair sections never bothered answered the phone every time I called. Like I'm going to leave my phone with you, then.

So I thought I'd post it off to the postal repair service instead, which seems to be operated by a company called A Novo. My phone came back about a week later which seemed reasonable. Unfortunately as my gut expected in the first place, they screwed my phone over. The earpiece doesn't work at all now - because they fitted it upside down. In fact you can see the lettering on it through the little hole for the earpiece - which after comparing with some photos on the internet seems to indicate it is still the faulty part!! Even worse, my previously beautiful OLED display now has several clusters of brightly coloured pixels. If it's just trapped dust or not, I'm not sure.

Needless to say I wasn't pleased with all of this (!)

Resolution: TBC....