...and keep Visual Studio and Firefox permanently open:

First entry is biggest WTF. It is a part of Visual Studio. What it is doing with 785MB committed memory (~45MB private working set (!) ) is a mystery (well, the problem is probably that it is doing nothing with it..). That is Visual Studio 2008 SP1 also. Maybe if Microsoft included this column by default in Task Manager some application developers may pay more attention to it.. (!)

I had a lot of tabs open in Firefox, but nevertheless it does seem to feed on GDI objects. System-wide there was about 8.7K GDI objects in use... which is the kind of point where I seem to face rendering glitches. Such as black screens in place of UAC prompts. It gets pretty annoying. (Not entirely sure if this is related to GDI resource usage actually.. possibly not.)

The other process using over 1K GDI resources in sidebar.exe. Must be a leak since it doesn't do anything particularly different after some weeks than shortly after boot-up (where it is using about 94). I will axe the only 3rd party gadget loaded and see if that makes any difference..