The Vista on my laptop decided to go (literally) nuts a few days ago. Nuts, as in a few minutes after login it would half-freeze. Half freeze as in stop responding to keyboard and mouse, thrash the hard drive but still let some UI updates through (e.g. clock).

This would obviously make locating the cause a nightmare. I did manage to cause some funky BSODs in this mode trying to hibernate (something like INTERNAL_POWER_FAILURE ?)

Safe mode was working, but I couldn't see what I could to resolve this. Nothing interesting in the Event Log, and System Restore had no checkpoints (probably because I had it disabled when I was using XP and this install was an upgrade of that).

So I decided to format and reinstall Vista. Alls well that ends well because now Vista is far more responsive. It could be related to the recent performance/reliability updates (which caused problems on my old vista install). Or possibly the lack of junk installed that came with the laptop. What's great is that coming out of sleep mode actually happens in a reasonable time now!