Fed up of my laptop's built-in wireless cutting out all the time, I was forced to use my old external adaptor which doesn't cut out but gets in a confused non-functioning state after a few hours (and doesn't support WPA2 either).

So it will be interesting to see if this Netgear WN511B card I ordered for a bargain price (just under £30 delivered) is any better. This is the same card that Maplins sell for £150 :o It has a Broadcom chipset as well which is the same as my router so hopefully I'll get good performance out of it (even though my router is only 802.11g). It seems to me like Amazon mark there prices down to try and match Marketplace sellers which I think is why they priced it so low. Its quite tempting to buy them all and sell them on eBay :P

Whilst I am talking about wireless I should mention how the Xbox 360 fails to see any wireless network in mixed mode WPA+WPA2, even though the damned thing supports (and is Wi-Fi certified for) WPA-PSK!!! Stupid Microsoft.

Update: I should point out the Xbox 360 bug was fixed since I originally made this post.